Monster Mash by Bobby (Boris) Pickett


Boo! Happy Halloween from THE STORY SONG PODCAST. In this special episode, we visit the laboratory in the poorly designed home of a slightly mad scientist and his dancing monsters. Join your hosts for their review of the classic 1962 novelty song, “Monster Mash” by Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers. Hear the macabre tale of a vampire-specific Airbnb. Feel the terror of a pretty good Boris Karloff impersonation. Hear the chilling sounds of what we think is a college a cappella group. Forget about the Transylvania Twist. It’s time to do the Mash. The Monster Mash. Call all of your favorite ghouls and listen to this spooky episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST. Tell them Boris sent you. 

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