Taxi by Harry Chapin

Where you going to, my listener blue? I’m sure you’re not mistaken — it’s time for another episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST. Join your hosts for their review of the 1972 classic hit, “Taxi” by legendary singer-songwriter Harry Chapin. In this episode, we discuss ways to avoid conversation with talkative drivers, pity-tipping your ex, and unfulfilled dreams (because it’s a Harry Chapin song). Act happy inside your handsome home, or wherever you choose to listen. Come find the footlights and fly so high with this episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST. And keep the change.

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“Taxi” by Harry Chapin (from the album Heads & Tales) is available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, or wherever you listen to music.

In this episode, we discuss The Harry Chapin Foundation. To learn more about their mission and initiatives, visit