Tell Laura I Love Her by Ray Peterson

Start your engines, it's time for another episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST! On this episode, your hosts review the 1960 teen tragedy classic, "Tell Laura I Love Her," recorded by Ray Peterson and written by songwriting legends Jeff Barry and Ben Raleigh. You'll find out the cost - adjusting for inflation - of buying … Continue reading Tell Laura I Love Her by Ray Peterson

Patches by Dickey Lee

Welcome to Old Shantytown! In this episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST, your hosts review "Patches" by Dickey Lee; a lighthearted, fun-filled early 60s pop hit about young love. Just kidding. We'll get through this tragic Romeo-and-Juliet story together. Not listening to this episode would just bring you disgrace.  Continue the conversation; follow THE STORY SONG PODCAST … Continue reading Patches by Dickey Lee